Wooden table lamps

Prepare: – Scroll saw – Hand Grinder – Square logs – Super glue 502 (or wood glue) – Wire – 3W LED bulb, light bulb From a large log saw cut into 6mm thick, 35mm wide Using a grinding machine with fine sanding discs (about 240 grit smooth) grinding surfaces and edges. …

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Wire Tree Bonsai on wooden driftwood

Are you looking for an original gift or home decorating? You are in the right place. A bonsai tree made of wire will perfectly decorate your home interior. Made of wire on a piece of driftwood. Please Like Share and Subscribe. Thank you for watching Website: sakevn.com Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/sk.sakevn/ Pinterest: …

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Cách Trang Trí Nhà Với Giây Cáp Điện

Phần lớn nhà mới xây bây giờ họ điều đi âm dây điện vào tường , nhưng sẽ có những nhà không và một số dây nhợ phát sinh sau một thời gian bạn sinh hoạt . Đục Tường giấu chúng đi thì cũng mệt , mà để thì nhình …

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How to make a simple house model

Although rustic, simple, but from cream sticks and the bamboo toothpick, we can set up exquisite models, attracting every look. Today, the sakevn.com section will introduce you how to make simple cottage with cream sticks and bamboo toothpick. Materials to be prepared: -Bamboo sticks are 1.6mm and 2.5mm -Que on …

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