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How to make roses with cute paper confess Valentine

A Valentine season, another love season comes back, let’s join us to learn how to make cute rose flowers to confess Valentine to that person! Material: – Colored paperboard – Sample of roses (refer here) – White picture frame – Zinc – Pull – Glue gun First, print the sample …

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How to make bamboo bridge extremely impressive

The bamboo bridge is a familiar image in the countryside, especially the river. Today, sakevn.com will introduce you how to make bamboo bridge extremely impressive from the ice cream stick. Materials to be prepared: – Ice cream stick – Glue guns and glue All -Super glues -Bamboo sticks -Cutting -Ruler, …

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How to make a pretty swing with ice cream

Cream ice cream is the material used in making handmade items commonly used today. With just a few dozen ice cream sticks, we can make a lot of fun, cute to decorate the house. Now, let sakevn.com learn how to swing pretty with ice cream. Materials to be prepared: – …

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How to make a simple house model

Although rustic, simple, but from cream sticks and the bamboo toothpick, we can set up exquisite models, attracting every look. Today, the sakevn.com section will introduce you how to make simple cottage with cream sticks and bamboo toothpick. Materials to be prepared: -Bamboo sticks are 1.6mm and 2.5mm -Que on …

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